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Wiemer Feb2024 Survey


The Bestest Lakefront Building Lots in the Bay or anywhere on Lake Chautauqua For Sale…

As of  June 22nd,  2024…

For Sale By Owner on Zillow…


4438 W Lake Road – Mayville, NY 14757

No Hurricanes, No Forest Fires, No Floods, No Droughts, No Worries…

Four x 1.25+ Acre Lakefront Lots in the Bestest Sandy Bottom Bay on the Lake… 
Beautiful One + Acre Lakefront Lots FOR SALE in a Beautiful Sandy Bottom Bay between The Bell Tower and Manor Drive / Prendergast Point 

$ 2.5 to $ 3.0 Million Per Lot. Starting with the Southern most lot with a Six Bedroom and 2.5 bath Condo Cottage, C3 and a Five Bedroom and a 2.5 bath Condo Cottage, C4 for $3,000,000.00. After the first Lot is Sold, We will sell the next Lot at these prices. The Pool Lot is $3,000,000.00 and the other two Lakefront Lots are $2,500,000.00 per. Removal of any structures is the responsibility of the Buyer. We will operate the remaining Cottage rentals until the Pool Lot is Sold as the third or fourth Lot.

We have extended the Lots For Sale all the way up to Rt. 394 = West Lake Road giving each of the Four Lakefront Lots 600 or more feet in depth for the same price of last year’s smaller one acre configurations. Obviously after 45 years of owning We Wan Chu, I still have a year or two of time before retire-ring and we have only four Lakefront lots, in the Bestest Bay on Lake Chautauqua For Sale. It is just a matter of time…

First Come – First Served this Year…

* One Mile from the Main Gate at Chautauqua Institution.
* Half a Mile from the perimeter of Chautauqua Institution.
* Properties in our Bay typically get sold to a Neighbor or Family without ever being on the Market.
* Northern upper Quarter of the Lake and West Side in a Sandy Bottom Bay

No Overhead Power Lines or Public Roads (Sewer Right-away, maybe) between You and the Lake…

The Underwater Easement will be divided proportionately.
460 ft. of shoreline = 407.9 ft. of the width of our Underwater Easement =
The Northern / Variance Lot = 91′ of Lakefront = 80.5′ of an Underwater Easement minus 10′ or 20′ on a side for Egress.
Three One Acre Lots = 102′ of Lakefront = 90.2′ of an Underwater Easement minus 10′ or 20′ on a side for Egress.

Owner Contact: Peter Wiemer          716-789-3383

Drone Video of Property & Dock

Drone Video II of Property & Dock


Located 1/2 mile from the Chautauqua Institution. Current use is a Cottage Resort.

Located a half a mile from the World-Famous Chautauqua Institution. Chautauqua Institution is a religious and cultural center which has a nine week Summer Season with Operas, Plays, Musicals, Amphitheater events including Orchestra, Concerts and Lectures, Boys and Girls Club for Kids and so much more:

Located in the Bay between the Bell Tower and Prendergast Point which has the bestest Sandy Bottom Swimming on the Lake. 

Located in the desirable Northern Basin of Chautauqua Lake with a sandy bottom, typical calm waters on the lee side / west side of the Lake and centrally located between Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Chautauqua County is a four-season region with many lake activities as well as hiking and biking trails in the Spring, Summer and Fall and excellent Ski Resorts and Snowmobiling Trails in the Winter makes Chautauqua Lake area a year round destination for many already.

Chautauqua County Visitor’s Bureau :

Chautauqua Lake is a 2.5-hour drive from Cleveland, Ohio; 3-hour drive from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a 1.5  to  2 hour drive from Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York. Chautauqua Lake is Cleveland’s, Pittsburgh’s, and Buffalo’s Fishing, Boating and Vacationing Playground.

Chautauqua Lake is at the top of the Allegheny Watershed. Chautauqua Lake with its Natural Spring waters and Artesian Wells that feeds Chautauqua Lake plus any rain within the immediate hills / watershed starts here and eventually flows down to the Gulf of Mexico via the Chadakoin, Conewango, Allegheny, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers. You are not going to catch or eat any cleaner freshwater fish this side of the Georgian Bay in Canada or other far away lakes in upper Canada then right here on Chautauqua Lake, New York.

No Hurricanes, No Forest Fires, No Floods, No Droughts, No Worries…

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