Airbnb or Cottages versus We Wan Chu Cottages

Airbnb versus We Wan Chu Cottages

1) You do not get to swim in an 87° indoor Saltwater Pool and 103° Saltwater Spa, where if you are staying here at We Wan Chu is the Number #1 Reason.
2) If You have children, then for them to have a positive vacation, it helps for them to play with other children staying here at We Wan Chu Cottages.
3) We Wan Chu has a huge Dock to Fish or Boat from.
4) Your own fire ring to have your own Campfire at.
5) Fish Cleaning Station.
6) Driveway Gates for Your Family’s Safety
7) 8.5 acres of Lakefront lands to hang out on.
8) You will figure it out just like the the hundreds of Happy Customers that come to We Wan Chu every year, some of which are 25 – 35 year regulars.
Having a Great Time, Wish You All Were Here….