Here is a letter we received from Justin Brewer from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (D.E.C.) on Lake Chautauqua’s Fishery.

July 10, 2017

Hi Peter,

Here is the most recent Chautauqua lake fisheries report to update your website fishing report.  You may want to call it “2017 status” as this report is current through last fall.  But along with this is would just like to update you on what we’re seeing in the fishery since last fall.  I’m sure your angler clients are giving you some of this info but here is my take.

-We caught a record number of muskellunge in our 2017 spring netting survey (we handled 472 adult muskies), the highest on record since the netting program began in 1978.  This included more than 90 fish over 40 inches, including several between 45 and 50 inches.  The largest fish caught was just over 50 inches.  The musky population in Chautauqua Lake appears to be thriving and should provide excellent fishing this year and into the future.

-As you probably already know, walleye numbers in the lake are experiencing an all-time high right now based on our fall walleye surveys.  Anglers are experiencing very good walleye fishing all across the lake.  There is an abundance of small to medium size fish, with lots of fish just under the legal size limit (now 15 inches).  However, there are a lot of legal size fish being taken along with a decent number of trophy fish.  I would say that the walleye fishing in Chautauqua Lake is currently rivaling the “glory days” of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Walleye fishing is expected to only get better in the next few years and be great for several years to come.

Take care and keep in touch.  Always good to hear what’s going on from guys on the lake!


Justin Brewer
Fisheries Technician 1
NYSDEC Region 9
Allegany, NY 14706
(716) 372-0645

Download the 2014 report PDF here: Chautauqua Lake status of fisheries 2014-Legard