We Wan Chu Cottages 
            2019 Pontoon Boat Rental - Security Deposit


I ________________________, the official Boat Rental Customer, agrees to be responsible and

Print Name

pay all Damages ** and or Late, Incident & Property Fees incurred to the Pontoon Rental Boat (s) or
 it’s  operator (s) while in my possession and until Officially Turned Back into We Wan Chu Cottages.
also Authorize that any Damages and or Late, Incident & Property Fees be charged to my Credit 
or Debit Card, Signed Imprint,
or from my Cash $$ Deposit left with We Wan Chu Cottages 
at the time of this Signing....

ALL RENTALS ARE FINAL... Early Returns or Cancellations are Forfeited... 

                               INCIDENT  &  PROPERTY  FEE  SCHEDULE


Any Docking Daytime or Overnight at a Public or Private Dock is highly recommended to
a Four Rope (provided) Tie Off, to Four Good Poles…

** = Whatever the Marina charges We Wan Chu Cottages. Your own Down Time, 
if caused by Driver Error, is Forfeited until repaired...

"All Damage & Incident Fees are Plus (+) 8 % New York State Sales Tax"

I agree to the above damage, lost, missing or Late, Incident & Property fees' schedule and rules of 
Renting a Pontoon Boat from We Wan Chu Cottages, along with the Boat Rental Waiver Form  
that I will also sign when picking up the Rental Boat. I understand that this Boat Rental is FINAL
at the time of payment, Rain or Shine.
Cancellation of any Pontoon Boat Rental or Reservation or Part Of, results in 
Forfeiture of any Payment
(s) made…

_____________________________    ______________     _____________

Signature                                                                  Date                                    Witness


Pontoon Boat Model being Reserved __________________________________________

Pontoon Boat Reservation Dates______________________________________________

Pontoon Boat Rental Rate for these Dates_______________________________________

Address where Pontoon boat rental to be located at________________________________


Name ______________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________

City______________________________ State _________ Zip Code ___________________


Daytime Phone Number______________________________________________

Security Deposit = a Signed Credit or Debit Card Imprint on first day or $ 1000.00 Cash per day…

Mailing: We Wan Chu Cottages P.O. Box 253  Chautauqua, NY  14722 Phone: 716.789.3383

Street Address: 4438 West Lake Road, Mayville, NY 14757

As Manager / Partner of We Wan Chu Cottages, I am trying to protect the Ambiance and Privacy of our 
Cottage Guests in devising a Fee Schedule charging Boat Rental Customers not staying here who 
occasionally invade  our Guests' Privacy. Obviously, since implementing this Property & Fee
Schedule, we have minimized the number of Rule Breakers and have improved the overall Positive
Experiences had by our Cottage Customers. I hope You understand... Sincerely... Peter