Ice Castles the world over have a mesmerizing effect on those who have seen or touched them. It is like a “Force” that embodies everyone into wanting to see and touch again and again just like it has onto my family in building our miniature Ice Castles again and again. All winter and all night long, as weather permits, we light up our Ice Castles and once in awhile we watch and listen as the cars & trucks driving by expressing their approval. Many folks stop and take pictures or watch and admire our efforts. As we build our Ice Castles, the same happens again since we locate our Ice Castles next to the highway in front of our home. We work after school and into the evening so as we build, we see the Ice, Icicles & Light take effect. This gives us a “Cool / Good Feeling” as we enjoy the Beautiful Winter Wonderland effect to our home & business.

WeWanChu Ice Castles Video:

NEW! Images from 2013

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Half of the proceeds from these Miniature Ice Castle Plans goes to Food Pantries here in Chautauqua County…. Enjoy…

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