The Bigfoot Guy

The Bigfoot Show / Seminar / Educational Experience for Birthday Parties or Gatherings up to 20 people = $500

20+ people =  $ 1,000+ for two to three hours of Bigfoot History:







My name is Peter Wiemer and I created the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo in 2012 as a Tourism Special Event to bring Tourists to Chautauqua Lake and more specifically, to our Cottage Resort known as We Wan Chu Cottages. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that I would become the magnet for eyewitnesses to a Bigfoot Sighting to reach out to me in hoping for resolution and closure to their experience. Since 2012, I am up to 35 eyewitnesses to a Bigfoot Sighting from here in Chautauqua County, eight from Cattaraugus County, NY and more then a dozen from Warren County, PA to the South of us, who have contacted me in Resolving themselves in knowing they have seen a Bigfoot but were afraid to admit it publicly for fear of ridicule.

New York State as well as every State in the USA as well as the Federal Government will never acknowledge the existence of Bigfoots just like they ignore the existence of Mountain Lions here in Chautauqua County. Because if they do acknowledge these Animals, by Law, the 1973 Endangered Species Act signed into Law by President Richard Nixon would automatically kick in, shutting the Forests down to Timbering and Hunting putting Millions of US Employees out of work by forcing us to Import Lumber from Canada and Overseas quadrupling the cost of building a home, putting Millions of Contractors, Home Builders, Electricians, Plumbers, Landscapers, Home Depots and so much more, out of work as well as Banks out of Business from writing Home Loans. Its all about the Economy and has nothing to do about the Reality of Bigfoot and Mountain Lions here in Chautauqua County.

I personally Believe, Cross My Heart, Swear to the Bible, Hope to Die, that there are as many as 16 to 20 Bigfoots here in Chautauqua County, the same or more in Cattaraugus County to our East and hundreds more in New York State and thousands across the USA.







Invite me into Your Home for a Bigfoot Show / Party and I promise You, I will be the most Talked about Learning Experience You’ll Ever Have at Chautauqua Lake, New York…  Peter Wiemer

Google: Peter Wiemer Bigfoot… and see thousands of pages on Bigfoot & I… Enjoy.







Our Family has lived next to and in We Wan Chu Cottages for 52 years and have owned We Wan Chu Cottages for 38 years. I am not in any way, using my Tourism Celebrity in trying to convince you of Bigfoot. Bigfoot is not a Zombie, Alien, Cult or other. Bigfoot is a Mammal that lives in almost every State in the USA and Canada and around the World… Educate Yourself and Enjoy this Video…