October 21st, 2014 pictures taken on Eke Road by then, an employee of the man where this creature / Bigfoot rumbled on his deck in the middle of the night leaving these prints in the driveway for his employee (John K.), to find at 7:30 AM upon reporting to work. The event as I heard it is he asked his Boss where these footprints came from and his boss told him about the rumblings on the deck in the middle of the night and wanted nothing to do with exploring the noises. His employee then went outside and took pictures using a measuring ruler.

When I reached out a few months later after hearing about these pictures and story from a local Fishermen, the Boss wanted nothing to do with me. But he told me to call back at a specific time and I could then speak to his employee, John K. When I called back, John agreed to send me these pictures via our cell phones and told me his timeline of events. Eke Rd Ashville, NY 14710 is about 3.5 miles from my home. The boss / owner passed away and there was a Huge Auction November 12th, 2016  which I went to buy some things as well as in hoping to meet John K. I caught up to John K. in person, reaffirming what we talked about on the cell phone… Enjoy.

Peter Wiemer   IHaveSeenBigfoot.com